My Name is Scar

My name is Scar,

And that’s what I do.

I take your soul,

Take from you

Until you’re no longer whole,

Before leaving the emotional wounds

To form metaphorical scar tissue.

It’s in my nature.

I cannot help it.

Believe me, I’ve tried.

Yet I find myself

Committing these awful crimes

Against some of the men

That I spend time with in bed.

Only the ones that get attached

Suffer this consequence.

Their hearts, some of them believe, I have “attacked”.

However this accusation is unfair,

For an attack is intentional act,

To defeat someone, or cause humiliation or despair,

Or a combination of two or three of these impacts,

None of which I ever wanted them to bear.

I try to warn them,

But some of them

Refuse to listen,

While some of them,

Their feelings, they cannot help.

Scar is my name

And it’s what I do best,

And this statement,

It is best not to test,

Lest you end up

With scars on your chest.

~ “My Name is Scar” by Scarlet Unknown

IG @scarlet.unknown & @scarlet.the.unknown


My Piano and I

Playing my piano in the dim light of my living room,

My fingertips cry out

As they beg and plead

With me,

Throbbing violently,

But I don’t stop.

I can’t.

The joints in my fingers


Against the keys.

I’ve been playing for two days


Only punctuated by bathroom breaks

And short meals.

The agony

That I feel

Is reminiscent of the things

That you once did to me.

The ways in which you wronged me.

And I ask myself now,

Am I truly free?

Is this really

How I want to be?


But now,

I am all alone.

All I have

Is my piano.

I try to get lost in the melody,

But the memory

Of you inside of me

Haunts me


Either way

I must distract myself;

I have to try.

I make my fingers cry,

So that I don’t have to,

Or at the very least,

My eyes

Will have company,

Even if I don’t.

~ “My Piano and I” by Scarlet Unknown

IG @scarlet.unknown & @scarlet.the.unknown

Free of Me

My soul, for you, I used to bare,

But now… you just aren’t there.

We were never really meant to be,

And I knew that, but I never expected that she

Would be

The one to come between


My best friend.

You left me for her, in the end.

But you’re happy now, right? That matters most to me.

Even if it means that you have to be

Free of me.

~ “Free of Me” by Scarlet Unknown

IG: @scarlet.unknown


Knowing You

Never have I ever met anyone as arrogant as you,

Anyone that pisses me off the way that you do;


Anyone that knows me the way that you do…


Anyone that makes me scream the way that you do.


What a disappointment this has turned out to be.


You gave me so much hope,

Talking of all the things that 

You could do to me.

What you could make me feel.


But in actuality…

This was just a sad joke.


You see,

If you showed humility,

It wouldn’t be that bad.

I would have said,

“Ah, well, he tried”.


But you weren’t humble.

You were anything but.

And then you went on to 




You didn’t even last thirty seconds.


So next time you want to impress,

Just try your best 

To stay humble.

That way,

If you meet a similar fate,

It will humiliate 

You less.


Oh, what a disappointment this has been.

Blurred Line

The line between lust and love might blur,

And suddenly, you may find,

That your feelings and thoughts, you can’t conquer,

While by your love, you are left behind.


Sex is best when it’s with

Someone that you love.

I love to see your face, 

As it contorts with pleasure,

Hovering above.


The sound of the bed head 

Banging as it beats the wall

As you grunt

Is like a call to my cunt,

Telling it to


To grip…

To explode.


But it’s all made even better,

Because of the feelings that I have for you…

Because I love you…


Because we aren’t just having sex;

We’re making love.

No Decency

Hit it.

Slam it.


I’ll open my legs for you to ram it



Fuck me with no courtesy,

Fuck me with no decency.


On the last day

Of our vacation in Mobay,

You asked me what it is

That makes me stay,

While she was in the room,

Two stories away.


After cheating on me thrice,

And lying about it twice, 

You were sure that I’d run 

Like mice

On a sinking ship.


The thing is,

I love you,

And I know that you

Love me too,

Regardless of the things  

That you sometimes do.


Maybe, monogamy isn’t your thing,

Isn’t our thing;

That doesn’t mean that you don’t love me.

You respect my opinions,

My thoughts,

My feelings.

Outside of lying

About cheating,

You’ve been nothing 

But good to me.


But you also love her.


And so do I.


I’ve learned to be okay with that,

Accepting of the fact


Your heart belongs to two

At once…


And so does mine. 


It’s not cheating anymore.

After the third time,

It became our way of life.

It changed even more after that.

It’s just the way we are,

And to be honest,

It’s better than it was before.


She and I

Have become the best of friends,

But also more,

Sharing and exchanging 

Stories about you.

And together,

We do naughty things…

Things that I wouldn’t 

Otherwise do.


We planned your birthday surprise,

And we all had so much fun between the sheets that night.


In answer to your unspoken question:


I am happy with you…

And her.


I never chose to love you.

You forced your way 

Into my heart.

I chose to love her

As a friend 

By opening my heart to her,

And things between us

Took an unexpectedly romantic turn.


I did nothing to stop the romance;

I let that happen, too.


But love is something that

I cannot undo.

Neither can you.

Your feelings for her

Were too much

To ignore, 

And my feelings for her,

Have grown to be so much more.


I couldn’t un-love you,

Or her,

Even if I tried.

That’s how you feel, too,

I realise.

Maybe I am a man clown,

And maybe she is, too,

But if there is one thing that I know for sure,

It’s that we love each other,

We love you,

And you love us, too.


— “Polyamorous” by Scarlet Unknown

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